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Don’t miss a chance to launch your AltCoin today

Startups and corporations are using ICOs to finance their new project. Every week many take the plunge and launch their own Token in the blockchain. It’s the quickest way to crowdfund your idea, with no middle-man!

We will take care of creating your coin on Ethereum Platform, code your Smartphone Contract for crowd sale, setting up the social media, websites and even listing your new coin on an exchange.

The key ingredient to launching a successful ICO on your own is visibility. We will equip you with all you need  for a good head start!

Question: “Is this package right for me?”

This service is for Startups or Corporations looking to launch an ICO but needs help creating the coin, website and listing the coin on an exchange.

There are many benefits in creating and selling a digital token for your business: You are someone who has seen the massive power of the crowdfunding trough Cryptocurrency ICOs and wants to launch your own to be a part of this historic moment in finance history.

In the near future, everything that can be tokenized, will be tokenized!

ICO rocket

So what is an “ICO ready” AltCoin, anyway?

An “ICO ready” AltCoin means you have all the features you need in a token to handle an ICO. This means you have a website, social media pages, wallets and exchange access for your token. We now include FREE EXCHANGE LISTING with every order.

This gives your token strong credibility and allows users an easy way to buy your coin.

Every single one of our clients has been totally satisfied with their coin.

Multiple clients of ours have gone on the launch successful token sales.

Awesome service! Extremly quick professional and a very good communication. Nothing more to wish from a costumer . I used his service and could not have been happier with my decision!

Can only advise to use him over other shady services!

Lucas, October 25, 2017, 11:01:12 AM

We had no idea how to start our own ICO. The guys at Coinforming were very knowledgeable and promptly assisted us with their toolkit. They also helped us tweak a few aspects of our project to better accommodate our token sale!

Ferdinand, November 13, 2017, 05:38:33 PM

What’s included with the package?

Everything you need for an “ICO-ready” Token

Coin creation

  • Your coin will be live on the blackchain
  • Your new coin will be an ERC20 compliant Ethereum

Website creation

  • A great landing page created for your coin

Social media accounts

  • Twitter 
  • Subreddit 

Exchange listing (new)

  • Coin listed on the popular EtherDelta exchange

Do you already have a coin name in mind?

Click the order button below and let us know a few details about your new coin.

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Two exclusive items with every order

Each order comes with our exclusive ICO Marketing Booklet – a 10 page pdf showing step by step instructions and tips on marketing token sale on popular forums, Reddit and Facebook.

Our eBook gives step by step, actionable details on running your ICO. This includes what you need on your website to receive Crypto during the contribution stage, specific places to advertise, and compiled requirements for announcement thread and posting an exchange listing on over a dozen exchange.

This PDF guide is NOT for sale ANYWHERE.
It comes free with every order and that is the only way to obtain it.

Second is our exchange listing booklet detailing the listing requeriments for over a dozen Cryptocurrency exchanges.

We have compliet up to date info on the exact requirement for listing on different exchanges. You also get a lifetime of free updates for the booklet – when we update it with new requirements, you will get the update version of the booklet to your email address.

Get ready for your ICO today



✔ 1 Utility Token /Altcoin
✔ 21,000,000 supply
✔ ICO ready
✔ Delivery within 24 hours
✔ PDF  listing  instructions on 12+ exchanges
✔ PDF marketing tips for successful ICO



✔ 1 ICO Ready Utility Token
✔ 21,000,000 token supply
✔ Coin listing on Exchange
✔ 1 ICO website ready for deploy
✔ Social Media kit for Facebook and Reddit
✔ PDF with instructions for listing your coin on 12+ exchanges
✔ PDF instructions with marketing tips for your ICO
✔ Includes 24/7 Support



If you have a project you would like to discuss, please get in touch with our Customer Support. Whether it be creating Smart Contracts for your ICO or a little help with your marketing, our team will be pleased to talk to you and assist in your ICO.